David Hawkins and Tony Sullivan

4mm/ft 18.83mm gauge

Based (very) loosely on Seahouses, the terminus of the North Sunderland Light Railway, Kitehouses represents an independent light railway whose operation was taken over by BR around 1949. It ran from an undetermined station on the East Coast main line to the small fishing port of Kitehouses. The line staggered on for many years, just about making it into the early diesel era, although by this time passenger traffic was very sparse with freight traffic just about justifying the line’s continuing existence.


David Hawkins

The layout was originally an entry for the Diesel and Electric Modellers United (DEMU) challenge in September 2008, which invited modellers to design and build to P4 standards an exhibition layout where at least three-quarters of the motive power modelled, represent diesel and/or electric prototypes. Since then, David and Tony have shown their true colours by introducing three new ex NE

Our self-imposed aim was to build this layout as an essay in illustrating how easy it is to build a starter P4 layout from available “ready to run” and kit items. We have used Exactoscale “New Track” components for making the trackwork. Buildings make use of “off the shelf” kits (suitably altered by David) from Wills and Ratio. The extensive stone walls are “out of the box” Hornby “Scaledale” while the cattle dock is a Bachmann resin cast item.


David Hawkins

David Hawkins

Exhibition Managers Notes

Space requirements: Overall Footprint 13ft 6in by 6ft. The Overall length of the layout is 13ft 6in including Fiddle Yard and Harbour Branch. The Depth is 2ft. Overall Stand Length is 16ft (Access to Fiddle Yard and Harbour Branch required)

The layout is operated from the front. A space of at least 2ft behind the layout is preferable coupled with the provision of a good-sized table for stock maintenance.

The layout is diorama style with built in lighting. Track height is approximately 4ft.

Insurance Valuation £8,250 (Layout £1000; Stock £7250)

The layout normally travels in 2 cars with 3 or 4 operators.

track plan

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