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2018 Exhibition Report

The South Hants MRC Annual Portsmouth Exhibition is over for another year, and some of us are looking forward to November 16th 2019.

It’s always a lot of hard work staging an exhibition, and we were hampered this year by knee replacement surgery for half the Committee. Ray had his first new knee about seven weeks ago, but Richard’s operation was on the Monday before the Exhibition! When I saw them both together late on Saturday afternoon, I couldn’t help taking a picture.

Not quite a record ...

We’ve once had just over 800 paying visitors … this year the preliminary estimate is 790. While there will always be variations, the Exhibition has been extensively listed and previewed in ‘What’s On’ guides and sites, and a series of posts on seven railway and model railway forums. In total the posts have had about 2,500 views.

This year we also counted how many children came with their adult guardians … unfortunately I don’t have the number to hand! Accompanied children get free admittance, but we have been curious about the numbers.


The feed back from visitors, traders and exhibitors on the day was excellent, and we’ve since had emails too. Everyone seems to have enjoyed the exhibition. One quote was,

“… a very enjoyable exhibition, excellent layouts, well organized, it was the best exhibition I have been to either as a visitor or exhibitor for some time.”

And another …

“Got back home to York after a most enjoyable show, well worth the long trip.”

Comments like these make all the hard work worth while.

And finally ...

To finish off this report, there is a short video with clips for a selection of the layouts, and a few still images. Unfortunately not all the layouts are featured, so please visit the Exhibition Layouts page for a complete listing.

The Knees Have It - Richard Butler and Ray Hodson ... and their supporters.

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