South Hants Area Group - EM and Scalefour Societies

The joint area group

The EMGS and Scalefour Societies support a large network of Area Groups, both in the UK and abroad, through which members can keep in touch with one another and, in many cases, work together on projects.

The South Hants Area Group

The South Hants Area Group (SHAG) is independent of SHMRC  although meetings are often hosted by the club. It covers the South Hampshire and West Sussex Area, from Romsey to Chichester, Portsmouth to Winchester for example. 

We function as area groups for both societies, and aim to encourage finescale modellers in any scale. Our meetings are open to all local modellers, whatever scale or gauge they follow.

There are no plans to build a group layout, as we have several clubs represented in the group which cover this interest.


One of the main functions of the group is to have bi-monthly meetings of like minded modellers to discuss and learn about UK Railways and models thereof in a sociable environment. We offer an informal get-together arranged to offer modellers living throughout the area an opportunity to meet and have a natter.

We plan six meeting per year, usually on the second Tuesday of every other month (but Xmas messes things up). Members are encouraged to bring any models to join in a Show and Tell session after the tea break and before we go to the pub.

We are always keen to welcome new members in the local area, so please either email me at  or phone 01329 315641 (h) or  07710 591511 (m)

Past meetings

  • An Evening with Tony Wright the well-known Modeller, former Sub-Editor and Photographer at British Railway Modelling magazine
  • “Making and Finishing Coaches” An Illustrated talk and demonstration by Dave Bridges
  • Building Wagon Variety from a small number of kits Duncan Redford
  • A day in Sheringham West signal box – a personal view by Dave Hawkins of day in the life of a single line terminus
  • In November Terry Bendall  talked to a very well attended meeting on how”I did (do) it my way”. Terry has been at the forefront of S4 Modelling for many many years, in the early years he was one of the founder members of the Group that built Pulborough as featured at many shows and in the MRJ
  • In January 2016, Dave Hawkins told us about the many Diesel locos and DMUs he has converted and all the extra work he has done to them.
  • In July 2016 Mike Ainsworth spoke to us about convderting ready to run locomotives to finescale standards
  • September 2016 saw Peter Swift talking about ‘Wadhurst, prototype and model’ at Southampton MRS
  • November’s meeting wasJohn Arkell taking about ‘Permanent way – history and modelling’ at SHMRC, Fort Widley
  • The June 2017 was a  Tools Workshop” hosted by SHMRC Fort Widley
    In October 2017 Dave Hawkins spoke on how small details can set a model in time and place
  • In November 2017 Richard Butler talked about the aims and aspirations of Westcliff – the why, what and how
  • A well attended meeting in January 2018 heard how Jonathan Buckie approaches design for etching and laser cutting.