Club Layouts

The Club Layouts are built with the aim of presenting well-made scale models, operated to entertain show visitors.

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Cromwell Road (EM)

Under construction

BR in West London, mid-50s to early 60s (late steam to early diesel)

Two-level layout with independent fiddle yards (both at the same end)

Lee-on-the-Solent (P4)

Active on the exhibition circuit

Light railway on the South Coast, set around 1923 with LSWR and SR stock

Branch terminus to fddle yard

Eastwood (P4)

Available for exhibitions

L&Y in Yorkshire just after the Great War. There are also plans to operate Eastwood in BR days

Roundy-roundy layout with large rear fiddle yard

Ogden Fold (P4)

This layout is no longer available for exhibitions

L&Y in West Yorkshire pre-grouping (1910 to 1920)

Through station with fiddle yards at each end

Hope-under-Dinmore (EM)

Active on the exhibition circuit

Joint LNWR and GWR in Herefordshire in the Pre-Grouping period (1906 to 1920)

Roundy-roundy layout with large rear fiddle yard (currently being extended)

Woods Wharf (O)

Active on the exhibition circuit

Fictitious location set in the BR period

Small shunting layout

Forthcoming Club Layout appearances

Widley and St.George (OO)

Widley and St.George is a layout we operate at our annual Model Railway Show in Portsmouth especially for the younger boys and girls. They are able to run a variety of trains pulled by Thomas and his friends.