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Hope-under-Dinmore wins Founders Cup at Southampton

Hope-under-Dinmore won the founders cup at the recent Southampton Exhibition. Tony Wright commented:

‘I also was invited to be one of the judges for the Founder’s Cup, awarded to the layout which had, in the judges’ view, the highest standards of modelling. There were several contenders (just about every layout, such was the high standard of the show), but the winner was Hope-Under-Dinmore in EM from the South Hants MRC. This was modelling of the highest calibre – real modelling; not RTR-dependent, not chequebook-dependent and the culmination of the skills of some highly-talented modellers. ‘

Click here for a link to Tony’s blog on RMWeb including some photographs he took of Hope over the weekend plus one of Dave Hawkins’ Hornby B17 converted to P4 .


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