Brighton East - Third rail in Sussex

Brighton East by Dave & Matt Smith (4mm scale, EM gauge)

The setting

My son was a medical student in Brighton and came up with the old Kemp Town branch as a possible setting for a layout. 

What if it had retained some passenger service (this actually ceased in the 1933) and had never been shut (it closed to goods traffic in 1971), been electrified and then had a second tunnel bored to allow direct access to Lewes?

About the layout

This is not a prototypical rendition, the space was not available to do that, but it hopefully gives a flavour of the small space restricted terminus that was Kemp Town.

Control is by NCE DCC, with point control using radio control servos. Couplings are Kadee using electromagnet uncouplers.

The buildings are all scratch built and based on prototypes near to the old Kemp Town station
site with the main structure being based on the Barry Building at Sussex General Hospital.

For more information on how Brighton was built, see the layout thread on RMweb:

Exhibition Managers Notes

Contact: Dave Smith

Tel: 07808 912188


  • Model (size)
  • Space required (size)
  • Two to four operators.
  • Operated from front
  • Transport: 20p per mile for single car, layout and (2) operators. However due to work commitments, occasionally a second car is required - this is not normally known until close to the show.

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